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"Lokahi" Spacesuit Art Project

The “Lokahi” Spacesuit Art Project is based on the realization that art, space, and healing are all connected.  In Hawaiian, Lokahi means unity, which is both a representation of the suit and the crew that created it.  It combines concepts such as the Overview Effect, which is a psychological phenomenon described by astronauts as they viewed Earth from space noticing our interconnectedness.  The project was inspired by The Space For Art Foundation, whose mission is to unite a planetary community of children through the awe and wonder of space exploration and the healing power of art.


    1. The HI-SEAS EMMIHS-23 “Lokahi” mission started the analog astronaut version of this Spacesuit Art Project by creating original visual art pieces created by the crew during the mission. Crew were instructed to create unique art pieces from moments during the mission that inspired them or from their own lives.

    2. Each plain fabric swatch was created using acrylic paint and a variety of pens.  Crew were given time each day to create their art piece.  Instructions on what to create were left vague as to allow for as much uniqueness as desired. 

    3. Once the mission ended, the fabric swatches were returned home and sewn onto a plain blue flight suit by one of the moms of the crew.  Each piece was meticulously hand sewn and machine sewn onto the flight suit so that it best represented the mission and had functionality.

    4. The Lokahi spacesuit now serves as a traveling art exhibit with the intention of inspiring others to unify aspects of their own lives that might seem unrelated but are connected as we all are on our planet Earth.

Creating "Lokahi"

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